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History of Winter Park

 It all began with two small settlements nestled against the western slope of the Continental Divide. Old Town started with construction on the Moffat Tunnel. Hideaway Park began in 1932 with tourist cabins, a café and service station. In 1978 the two settlements became the Town of Winter Park. Growth continued with the land around the ghost town of Arrow at the western base of Rollins Pass. Winter Park Ski Resort was annexed into the town's boundaries, now making it the highest incorporated municipality in the state.

Winter Park, Colorado  and The Fraser Valley itself has a rich heritage, originally the home of the Ute Indians, as well as logging companies and pioneers. Winter Park in Colorado is really the result of many facets of history coming together. David Moffat was responsible for building the transcontinental railroad line from Denver to the West Coast. The tracks over Rollins Pass were finally finished in 1905, remaining in use until 1928. At this point in time the 6.2 mile Moffat Tunnel was opened. The railroad was what started the logging business in Grand County. The need for timber in the west was fueled by the railroad. The logging industry kept growing until the early 20th Century, the main reason why the city of Denver continued to grow and thrive. The first ski hills in Grand County were built in Hot Sulphur Springs in 1911. The railroad also helped the ski industry to become so popular, especially in the Winter Park Ski Area. Winter Park opened in 1940 and continues to be a popular ski destination for skiers from around the world. .



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